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Graco Ecoquip Vapor Blaster

"Concrete repair, coating removal, steel surface preparation and graffiti removal are potential applications"

Equipment Specs:

Blast pressure ranging from 24-175 PSI 

Pot size of 6.5 cubic ft. (184L)

Stainless Steel Frame with Forklift Pockets

Hose length Options Available

Nozzle Tip Options Available

Selection of Compressed Air Available

Safety Recommendations

Required Transport

Vehicle with a tow bar rated to 2.5 tonne

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This Vapor Blaster we usually Package together with a 400cfm Air Compressor and Hoses. This is a speality Hire and requires some specific information to book. Contact our team to talk further about how our Vapor Blaster can help you.  

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Kiwi Hire Group recommends using all necessary safety equipment. We have safety equipment available for hire. Please ask our team for the recommended safety gear.